Builder or Electrician has completed works but not given certification

We see this all the time and that’s why we recommend using a registered electrician like Plymouth Sparky Ltd.


All electrical works should be issued with either minor works cert or electrical installation certs, even it just replacing a socket. As the electrician is deemed responsible for that circuit as they were the last one to touch it! Issuing a cert proves that the circuit is safe.
I would never do a Job and not test or not leave a cert, in doing so it means I can sleep at night and so can my clients.

It is even more important in Special Locations.
Works in special locations(kitchen, bathroom, and garden) are notifiable, which means a competent person can only complete these works. They will be registered with either a PartP company or be on the local building control registered installers list. On completion of said works, once notified you will receive a cert from your local building control saying that the works are compliant.
It is your duty as a homeowner to make these inquires. You should ask the electrician if he/she will be notified of the job before the works commence. As it is a requirement to notify building control 48 hrs before works commence if the Electrician is not part of a scheme. The cost can be considerable in some councils, it is always best to do your homework when using any tradespeople.

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