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Simple checks can save your life

Simple checks can save your life Millions of people in the UK expose themselves and their families to potentially fatal electrical accidents in the home by making simple blunders, down to a lack of knowledge about the dangers of electricity. It is important to make sure that the electrical installation in your property is well… Continue Reading

Earthing and Bonding ?

So what is the difference between Earthing and Bonding ? Earthing and bonding have often been confused as being the same thing when in fact the two are quite distinct from each other. Many electricians hear the term ‘earth bonding’ this essentially is a meaningless term that has somehow found its way into everyday vocabulary… Continue Reading

Overloaded Sockets Cause FIRE.

Ratings of commonly used domestic appliances Overloaded Sockets Cause FIRE. The appliance power ratings shown below are indicative only. We’ve used the highest that we could find for popular household appliances. Electrical power is measured in watts, W, a unit of power. Electrical current is measured in amps, A, the rate at which it flows.… Continue Reading

WHY have an electrical inspection ?

WHY HAVE AN ELECTRICAL INSPECTION? As part of our services, I offer inspections of all matters electrical within your home – but, as a new homeowner or renter of private property, you may be wondering why you need an electrical inspection.  Surely if everything works correctly now, there’s no need to worry? Wrong – an electrical… Continue Reading