Electrical Work Plymouth

Electrical Work Plymouth Services by Plymouth Sparky include:

Plymouth Sparky Electrical Work Plymouth
  • Personal Appliance Testing (PAT) and safety inspections with a comprehensive report about the safety of your electrical system
electrical work plymouth
Electrical rewiring
  • Adding extra sockets
  • Extra lighting
  • Replacing broken fittings
  • Electrical installations
Electrical engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency service
  • Breakdowns
  • Fuse boards
  • Health & safety inspections
  • Electrical Surveys

All electrical installation work complies with BS 7671

Electrical safety

We provide a wide range of services from full rewires to the smallest of repairs. For a comprehensive list of what we can do for you see our Services page.

We offer a competent, polite, tidy, professional service and always endeavour to work with the minimum of disruption to you wherever possible. We also employ a genuine “No job too small” policy.