Fused Spur Switches

Fused Spur Switches FAQ’s

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Fused Spur Switches

  • Do I need a Fused Spur Switch?
    A Fused Spur Switch is commonly used for powerful electrical appliances, such as washing machines and dish washers that need to be installed without a plug; they are also used for electrical items that need to be installed on a separate cable from the ring main, for safety and maintenance purposes.
  • What is a Double Pole Fused Spur Switch?
    A Double Pole or DP Fused Spur Switch, incorporates an extra isolation feature which separates the live and neutral wires, making it a safer type of switch to use.
  • Do all Varilight Fused Spur Switches feature a DP?
    Yes.  All Varilight Fused Spur Switches incorporate a DP and all come with a one year guarantee.
  • Switched or Unswitched?
    Switched Fused Spurs include a manual on/off switch.  Unswitched Fused Spurs do not include a manual on/off switch.
  • Do I need an electrician to install a Fused Spur Switch?
    Yes. All electrical equipment should be installed by a qualified electrician.