Switch to LED save money

We as electricians have recently started to see a rise in the number of installations using LED lighting, this type of lighting can offer up to 85% cost savings over traditional forms of lighting and is considerably ‘greener’ than traditional lighting methods.

switch to ledThe biggest area we have seen is in the GU10 type of fitting, many homes/businesses having down lights installed and this is an area where major savings can be found, we recently converted a major restaurant to LED, having over 80 fittings within the installations they can expect to make massive savings over the coming years, and the light emitted is much smoother using a mixture of warm white lamps for the seating areas and cool white for the bar/foyer areas.

The cost savings are the most obvious reason for installing this type of fitting in your home or business and I would almost certainly recommend anyone to install them for that reason alone.

Also the prices of the actual lamps/fittings are coming down as the technology and manufacturing costs improve.