Making the most of your garden with outdoor lighting

Making the most of your garden with outdoor lighting

Spring is most definitely upon us, and as the nights gradually grow longer, and the outdoor temperatures rise, so does our desire to spend more time out in the garden, enjoying the sanctuary of our outdoor spaces.

Beautiful all weather lighting can enhance the atmosphere in any garden; it can give the impression of space, tranquillity, and calm, as well as adding a much needed feature with splashes of mellow colour or ignite your flowering borders with stunning results.

Installing outdoor lighting can be a daunting and complex task, and one which often needs the help of professionals. Circuits need to be tested both before and after any electrical installation, products need to be installed in accordance with local Building Regulations, and any new installation needs to comply with the current IEE Wiring Regulations. Did you also know, that an electrical project of this nature also requires you to inform the local council before you begin the work, and that a fee is payable to have your new garden lighting installation tested and certified?

Tempting as it may be to ‘do it yourself’ the perils of completing such a project far outweigh the positives. As wonderful as electricity is, it is fraught with dangers, and anyone who doesn’t have sufficient knowledge or isn’t competent or confident enough in their abilities really needs to take a step back and call out an experienced electrician to handle the job quickly and faultlessly. Not only will an approved and certified electrician be able to asses and advise you, they can carry out a detailed survey of your home and point out any potential risks, hazard, or problems that may occur with your proposed garden lighting preferences.

Achieving that awe-inspiring garden light display isn’t as simple as plugging your shiny new lighting unit into the wall socket and flicking a switch. There are a series of electrical safety issues that need resolving before, possibly during, and after the full installation is complete.

Plymouth electrician Dave Prout offer a complete and full service to help you reach your dream garden goals Taking your ideas and inspirations and making them become a reality. Plymouth Sparky puts your safety first, and as experienced electricians, they can offer advice on any electrical garden project, large or small.

Offering an affordable first class service, Plymouth Sparky will have you stepping into spring, and into your garden with an entirely new, and very satisfying view.