Meet the Team

Chris Colpus:

Chris is at the heart of our operations, ensuring every wire is connected, every circuit is powered, and every project electrifies success, With a career spanning over two decades in the electrical industry, Chris brings a wealth of expertise to our team.


Dave is the founder of the company, with years of experience in Electrics and other trades, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge, that helps drive the business. Still on the tools for a few more years, you may well meet him on your project. 

Paul Moss:

Meet Paul Moss: Our Dedicated Electrical Supervisor, Paul is known for his exceptional leadership abilities. Working closely with the team and main lead on some projects.

Ben Miller :

Ben has now been with the Plymouth Sparky team for over four years, Whether he is tackling complex circuit designs or implementing cutting-edge solutions, overcoming and adapting to situations. Ben’s proficiency shines through, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers.

Orin Palmer :

Orin has been with the Plymouth Sparky team for four years now. Orin brings an unparalleled blend of skill, dedication, and creativity to every project he touches. With a passion for precision and a keen eye for detail, Orin consistently raises the bar for excellence in our team.