S Plan Wiring

Neo Air Stat

Plymouth Sparky Ltd just finished wiring in a large S Plan Heating System with his master heating engineer Ross from Heat Tech Innovations, this system larger than most consisted of the Heatmiser UH8-RF wiring centre that is designed to be used in conjunction with the Heatmiser neoAir is our multi mode wireless programmable thermostats, this let the customer simply from there iPhone or iPad control the homes underfloor heating, hot water and radiators. Or just use the wireless room stats. The System was so large we wired in a Grundfos Magna 1 external pump to run off a stop start relay to work once their was a call for heat from this massive system. The underfloor heating was wired in to the UH8 wiring centre and had 6 actuators for the zones that could be called upon from the app or stats. We used four 2 port valves to that needed to wired into the system to control each zones for heating up, down and hot water. The hot water cylinder had 2 stats wired in for manual use if ever the heating system was down, and a stat control from wifi UH8 Centre. This project takes a little time to make sure it not only looks well neat but wired in the correct cable size type and isolation points at the correct places. This all then was wired into a system boiler the other side of the property. s plan wiring by Plymouth Sparky Ltd