Why have an electrical Inspection?


As part of our services, I offer inspections of all matters electrical within your home – but, as a new homeowner or renter of private property, you may be wondering why you need an electrical inspection.  Surely if everything works correctly now, there’s no need to worry?

Wrong – an electrical inspection is essential, and landlords and homeowners need to ensure that periodic inspections occur on a regular basis.  While you may not find anything going wrong with your lighting, sockets, fuses or extensions, not only is there a chance of any of these potentially experiencing problems in future, but it’s also a matter of safety.  If you have recently moved into a home and are unsure if your electrical set-up has been inspected and checked – or, if you operate as a landlord privately or on behalf of a lettings agency – we perform electrical inspections in Plymouth and the surrounding area to ensure that properties are up to code and that all safety certifications are fully completed.

An electrical inspection will not only involve a close look at what operates correctly and what doesn’t – it will also entail a closer look at the earthing and bonding of wires within the property, as well as the serviceability of fuse boxes and older equipment or wiring techniques that may be in need of complete replacement.  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and you may well find that it will be safest to have old fittings and wiring replaced in their entirety, ensuring that you are at no risk of fire, electrocution or any interruption to your supply.

An electrical inspection is just as much about ensuring that the property is up to code as it is about keeping the property owner or tenant safe.  It’s recommended that checks be carried out regularly, and we will produce a Condition Report to detail our findings.  This may mean that we suggest full replacements, warnings related to certain conditions, and any other relevant recommendations.

Plymouth Sparky offer a City and Guilds certified electrical inspection service, meaning that if you rent, let or own in Plymouth and are in need of a thorough sweep of your property’s electrical supplies, features, alarms and general safety, we will be able to do so at an affordable rate and with a friendly and thorough approach.

For electrical inspections in Plymouth and the surrounding area, simply give Dave Prout a call and we’ll be happy to arrange a date and time to make sure your home is electrically safe and up to scratch!

Changes to regulation

The latest changes to the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations, Amendment 3, which came into full effect during the summer, have had an impact on the way testing is carried out. Fast and reliable testing of RCDs has become even more important with the increased use of RCDs where there are concealed cables and with the requirement for the protection of all socket outlets up to 20A in dwellings. New multifunction testers with auto RCD testing and the capability to display all results on one screen now make it easier and quicker to get the job done.